We believe that an interdisciplinary educational approach will provide students with opportunities to understand science interfacing multiple disciplines and develop interdisciplinary skills to address fundamental questions. The goal of our education and outreach program is to contribute to a research-supported model for the partnerships between Georgia Institute of Technology and school systems in Georgia and promote academic achievement in the areas of physics, chemistry, and engineering, ultimately strengthening the transformative science pipeline of the next generation of researchers. We have been implementing a summer internship program for local high schools by collaborating with the Westminster Schools, as well as the partner public schools of GoSTEM program at Georgia Institute of Technology. Each student has been paired with 3~4 graduate students in my group to understand interdisciplinary concepts and watch them conducting relating experiments. This collaboration has been very successful and will be extended with more undergraduate and graduate students from multidisciplinary areas including mechanical/electrical/chemical/biomedical engineering, material science, physics, and chemistry.

Justin Na (Summer 2017)

Timothy Yoon (Summer 2016)

Mina Kim (Summer 2016)

Klara Lou (Summer 2016)

Chelsea Chen (Fall 2015)

Rasheda Toomer (Summer 2015)

Department of Chemical, Biological, and Bio Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University.

She worked in our lab through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at Emory University that is a nationally recognized program with a 25-year record of training undergraduates in cutting-edge science research. During the ten-week summer program, she conducted full-time research on microfluidic engineering of multifunctional nanomaterials for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The SURE Program offers the opportunity to develop the scientific skills most important to success in a professional career (designing experiements, problem-solving, interpreting results, communicating one’s science to various audiences, navigating difficult ethical situations).  In addition, it is an opportunity to discuss science and start building your professional network with world-renowned scientists and with your best and brightest peers from Emory and other institutions. 

Yash Raj Sinha (Summer 2015)

10th Grade Student (IGCSE)

Avni Kakkar (Summer 2015)

The Westminster Schools Summer Science Internship program 2015

Gevin Reynolds (Summer 2014)

The Westminster Schools Summer Science Internship program 2014