Our laboratory works on multidisciplinary research areas including mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. Interested individuals from a diversity of educational backgrounds above are encouraged to inquire Dr. Kim (email: ytkim@gatech.edu) as below for consideration to join our team.

Postdoctoral positions: The GT MBMN Laboratory is accepting applications for postdoctoral positions. Background in 3D cell culture in hydrogels, drug delivery, or organ-on-a-chip is required. Interest applicants should email a current CV, a summary of research experience (1 page) and future research interests (1 page), and contact information for three references to Dr. Kim for consideration to work in the MBMN laboratory.

Graduate students admitted to ME, BioE, and BME: If you are interested in joining our laboratory as GRA, you should email a CV, an electronic copy of academic transcripts, and contact information for one reference to Dr. Kim for consideration to join the MBMN laboratory.

Undergraduate students at ME, BioE, BME, ECE, and ChBE: If you are interested and highly motivated in learning our research areas, you should email a CV and an electronic copy of their academic transcripts to Dr. Kim for consideration to work in the MBMN laboratory. Undergraduate students typically conduct research for credits or apply for various scholarships (e.g. PURA).