Our research goal is to understand (1) how cells coordinate responses to combination of signaling cues in multicellular environments; (2) how bio/nanomaterials assemble and break in dynamically controlled fluid flow; and (3) how biological systems interact with nanomaterials. To answer the questions, we use experimental and computational approaches to build biomimetic systems that integrate bioengineering and nanotechnology in multiscale platforms. 

We currently focus on two research areas: (i) microfluidic nanomedicine evaluation and screening using microengineered physiological systems and (ii) microfluidic assembly and manufacturing of multicomponent and multifunctional nanomedicines. We combine these approaches to accelerate the development of nanomedicines. In close collaborations with other labs at Emory School of Medicine, we currently apply our innovative technologies for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, and brain cancer.