Radiation and chemotherapies of brain tumors lead to adverse effects, getting associated with enormous health care costs. The proposed work will provide the unique approach for the development of a new drug delivery platform and its screening in a more physiologically relevant in vitro model of the blood brain barrier for the detection and treatment of medulloblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor in children. Advanced screening and treatment and potential derivatives will potentially improve human health and reduce overall costs associated with medulloblastoma and other brain tumors.

Our current project is to develop an in vitro model of the blood brain barrier (BBB) for use in the evaluation of multifunctional nanomedicines. We are developing theranostic nanoparticles that can cross the BBB and selectively bind to target tumor sites in medulloblastoma. 

We are collaborating with Prof. Tobey MacDonald at Emory University to examine targeted delivery of a sonic hedgehog inhibitor for the study of medulloblastoma therapeutics.